Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)

Temporary Skill Shortage – (Subclass 482 ) (TSS VISA)

The 457 has been abolished and thereby replaced by subclass 482 visa in March 2018!

Who is this visa for?

If you have an occupation on the Short Term  Occupation List (STSOL)  you may be eligible for  this visa for up to two years.

If you occupation is on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) 

then you may be eligible for a visa up to four years. *You may be eligible for permanent residency after three years.

You may include dependent family members your application

You must have the skills required to fulfil the role.

You must meet Health and character criteria for this visa. Police clearance certificates are required for every country in which the applicant has lived for 12 months or more since turning 16 years of age, within the last ten years.

How to get started?


There are 3 steps to this application process:

1.  Sponsorship

A business must become approved as a Standard Business Sponsor in order to employ a skilled professional on a subclass 482 visa.

In order to obtain a Standard Business Sponsorship, it’s a mandatory requirement that the business must:

  • Demonstrate lawful and active operation in Australia
  • Provide information and documents to its correct ABN to apply under, registering the business name, supplying Business Activity Statements (BAS) and financial statements, as well as showing a commitment to training Australian citizens and permanent residents and compliance with workplace and other Australian laws.

2. Nomination

The employer must nominate a position within their business as one which must be filled by an overseas citizen. The nomination process has it own mandatory requirements to be met such as:

Labour Market Testing
To nominate an employee for a subclass 482 visa, the business us required to provide evidence and demonstrate that they have tested the labour market.

  • The business must  demonstrate that it has unsuccessfully advertised for the nominated position, which could not be filled by local Australian citizen/permanent residents.
  • Evidence requirements are very strict, as at time of application two advertisements must have been placed within the last 4 months for a minimum period of 28 days, which will be deemed as acceptable. *There are exemptions to this requirement in some instances. It is in the best interest of the business to seek legal advice from experienced migration agent, to ensure that labour market testing regulations are met.

Training Levy
The  employer is required to pay a Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) levy at nomination stage.

The amounts payable per applicant are set out as follows:

  • The charge will be calculated according to the number of years for which the visa is required, as set out in the nomination, and will be payable in full at this time.
  • A small business (Turnover less than $10M) will pay $1,200 per nomination per year for a subclass 482 visa. A large business will pay $1,800 per nominee per year.
  • If the employee is applying for a four year visa, this will require the four annual payments to be made at the time of application. (For example, if a large business nominates an employee for a four year subclass 482 visa, this business is liable to pay $7,200 when the nomination is made.)

Salary Level
The salary for the nominated position must be:

  • above the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT). The current TSMIT threshold is $53,900 plus superannuation and reviewed each year by Department of Home Affairs (DOHA).
  • Salary must be within the market rate for the role, to ensure that the applicant will be paid equivalent or in line with Australian employees in comparable roles.
  • There are some occupation that are subject to caveats that set a minimum remuneration level that is well above the TSMIT
  • The following occupations are subject to a caveat for subclass 482 visa:
  • The specific occupations listed below are subject to an occupational caveat:
Occupations subject to a Caveat for a subclass 482 vsia

ANZSCO title
(ANZSCO number)

Accountant (General) (ANZSCO 221111)
Aeroplane Pilot (ANZSCO 231111)
Agricultural Technician (ANZSCO 311111)
Amusement Centre Manager (ANZSCO 149111)
Animal Attendants and Trainers nec (ANZSCO 361199)
Apiarist (ANZSCO 121311)
Aquaculture Farmer (ANZSCO 121111)
Baker (ANZSCO 351111)
Beef Cattle Farmer (ANZSCO 121312)
Building and Engineering Technicians nec (ANZSCO 312999)
Cafe or Restaurant Manager (ANZSCO 141111)
Caravan Park and Camping Ground Manager (ANZSCO 141211)
Chef (ANZSCO 351311)
Chief Executive or Managing Director (ANZSCO 111111)
Cinema or Theatre Manager (ANZSCO 149912)
Clinical Coder (ANZSCO 599915)
Community Arts Worker (ANZSCO 272611)
Conference and Event Organiser (ANZSCO 149311)
Conservation Officer (ANZSCO 234311)
Construction Estimator (ANZSCO 312114)
Cook (ANZSCO 351411)
Corporate General Manager (ANZSCO 111211)
Corporate Services Manager (ANZSCO 132111)
Cotton Grower (ANZSCO 121211)
Crop Farmers nec (ANZSCO 121299)
Customer Service Manager (ANZSCO 149212)
Dairy Cattle Farmer (ANZSCO 121313)
Dental Hygienist (ANZSCO 411211)
Dental Therapist (ANZSCO 411214)
Driving Instructor (ANZSCO 451211)
Electrical Linesworker (ANZSCO 342211)
Emergency Service Worker (ANZSCO 441211)
Environmental Health Officer (ANZSCO 251311)
Exercise Physiologist (ANZSCO 234915)
Facilities Manager (ANZSCO 149913)
Financial Institution Branch Manager (ANZSCO 149914)
First Aid Trainer (ANZSCO 451815)
Fitness Centre Manager (ANZSCO 149112)
Flight Attendant (ANZSCO 451711)
Floor Finisher (ANZSCO 332111)
Flower Grower (ANZSCO 121212)
Flying Instructor (ANZSCO 231113)
Fruit or Nut Grower (ANZSCO 121213)
Funeral Workers nec (ANZSCO 451399)
Gas or Petroleum Operator (ANZSCO 399212)
Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Grower (ANZSCO 121214)
Grape Grower (ANZSCO 121215)
Helicopter Pilot (ANZSCO 231114)
Horse Breeder (ANZSCO 121316)
Hotel or Motel Manager (ANZSCO 141311)
Human Resource Adviser (ANZSCO 223111)
Intellectual Property Lawyer (ANZSCO 271214)
Jockey (ANZSCO 452413)
Liaison Officer (ANZSCO 224912)
Livestock Farmers nec (ANZSCO 121399)
Maintenance Planner (ANZSCO 312911)
Management Accountant (ANZSCO 221112)
Management Consultant (ANZSCO 224711)
Market Research Analyst (ANZSCO 225112)
Marketing Specialist (ANZSCO 225113)
Massage Therapist (ANZSCO 411611)
Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson (ANZSCO 312511)
Mechanical Engineering Technician (ANZSCO 312512)
Medical Administrator (ANZSCO 134211)
Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer (ANZSCO 121411)
Mixed Crop Farmer (ANZSCO 121216)
Mixed Livestock Farmer (ANZSCO 121317)
Multimedia Designer (ANZSCO 232413)
Nurseryperson (ANZSCO 362411)
Operating Theatre Technician (ANZSCO 311214)
Pastrycook (ANZSCO 351112)
Pathology Collector (ANZSCO 311216)
Pig Farmer (ANZSCO 121318)
Policy Analyst (ANZSCO 224412)
Policy and Planning Manager (ANZSCO 132411)
Post Office Manager (ANZSCO 142115)
Poultry Farmer (ANZSCO 121321)
Procurement Manager (ANZSCO 133612)
Project Builder (ANZSCO 133112)
Property Manager (ANZSCO 612112)
Public Relations Manager (ANZSCO 131114)
Real Estate Representative (ANZSCO 612115)
Recruitment Consultant (ANZSCO 223112)
Regional Education Manager (ANZSCO 134412)
Retail Buyer  (ANZSCO 639211)
Safety Inspector (ANZSCO 312611)
Sales and Marketing Manager (ANZSCO 131112)
Sheep Farmer (ANZSCO 121322)
Ship’s Master (ANZSCO 231213)
Sports Administrator (ANZSCO 139915)
Sports Centre Manager (ANZSCO 149113)
Sugar Cane Grower (ANZSCO 121217)
Supply and Distribution Manager (ANZSCO 133611)
Surveying or Spatial Science Technician (ANZSCO 312116)
Taxation Accountant (ANZSCO 221113)
Technical Sales Representatives nec (ANZSCO 225499)
Translator (ANZSCO 272413)
Transport Company Manager (ANZSCO 149413)
Vegetable Grower (ANZSCO 121221)
Vehicle Painter (ANZSCO 324311)
Vocational Education Teacher (ANZSCO 242211)
Wine Maker (ANZSCO 234213)
Workplace Relations Adviser (ANZSCO 223113)
Zookeeper (ANZSCO 361114)

3. Visa Application

The employer needs to show the following:

  • Company has an approved and current Employer Sponsorship; and
  • Company has the nominated position approved.
  • The employee needs to show the following:
  • Employee has the required skills for the position.
  • There are many others legislative requirement that your application will be assessed against.

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