Regional Sponsored Skilled Visa (Subclass 489) – Temporary

This visa is designed to encourage migrants to live and work in regional areas of Australia where there are large skills shortages.

Who this visa is for?

You must

hold a subclass 475, 487, 495 or 496 visa (Extended Stay pathway)

be nominated by a state or territory government agency or be sponsored by an eligible relative (Invited pathway)

have a relevant occupation

have a suitable skills assessment for the occupation

meet the points test pass mark of 60 points

be under 45 years of age at time of invitation

have Competent English.

be invited to apply (Invited pathway)

The visa requires sponsorship from an eligible relative living in a designated region of Australia or from a State or Territory Government.

Points are awarded in the following categories:


English Language

Australian and Overseas Work Experience

Australian Study


Community Language

Regional Australian Study

Spouse Skills

State or Family Sponsorship

Professional Year

**The visa applicant can gain permanent residence upon completing 1 year full time work and living in regional area for period of 2 years.