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About Oz Migration Services

Our principal migration agent, ARNELA TOLIC, MARN 1174767 has gone through the migration process, being a migrant herself migrating to Australia in 2001 from central Europe.

Oz migration services was established and is unlike any other migration service. We all share our own personal migrant background experience so we

We not only give you the best services but we respect you, we listen to you and we value your feedback; at Oz migration services we CARE.

We help you, guide you and support you throughout the whole process. At Oz migration, we are here to help you, you just need to ASK.

Price guaranteed:

Fixed Price and Hidden Fees:

“At Oz migration services, there are no Hidden fees. Our clients are advised of the Prices for their required visa from the start and our prices are fixed based on every situation. Included in or fees are advise and assistance to the applicant to complete the visa application.”


“At Oz migration services, we help our clients. If you refer a friend to our services and both of you proceed with Oz migrations services, the referrer will get a 10% discount on their own professional fee. That’s not all, if you book a consultation with Oz migrations service you get that money credited back if your proceed with our services.”


“At Oz migration services, we want to make sure you are ready for the process and we want to make sure you know what you are doing. Oz Migration offers consultation for every client and anyone who wants migration advise. Our price is $220 for consultation. If you decide to proceed with Oz Migration Services, you get this money credited back from your professional fee.”