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Expert advice & assistance at every step of your visa application.

Oz Migration Services is a migration agency that provides expert advice on Australian visas throughout Australia and anywhere around the world. Over the last 7 years in the industry, we have helped 100’s of people with their Australian Visa process.

We understand that moving to Australia is a dream for many people but the immigration process can be confusing, expensive and frustrating.

Our principal migration agent, ARNELA TOLIC, MARN 1174767 has gone through the migration process, being a migrant herself migrating to Australia in 2001 from central Europe.

Oz migration services were established and are unlike any other migration service. We all share our own personal migrant background experience so we

We not only give you the best services but we respect you, we listen to you and we value your feedback; at Oz migration services we CARE.

We help you, guide you and support you throughout the whole process. At Oz migration, we are here to help you, you just need to ASK.

We can provide you with advice about your best visa option and/or permanent residency.

We have a range of migration, business and education services to meet the needs of our clients.

Whether you’re an international student, a highly skilled migrant or business investor, our experienced, professional and friendly migration agents can assist.

With us, you’ll be able to navigate the stream with confidence until you reach your goal.

We can help you with:

  • Employer Sponsored Visa’s
  • Temporary Work Visas
  • Business Investment Visas
  • Student visas / Graduate Visas
  • Skilled Migration Visa
  • Partner / Spouse Visas
  • AAT/ MRT visa appeals
  • PIC4020 waivers
  • Spouse/Partner Visa’s

Discuss your Australian visa inquires with our qualified agent. Call Oz Migration Services on 02 9052 4373  or email us at info@ozmigrationservices.com.au 

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